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Betting sites

There are a large number of betting sites on the market. It can be hard work finding which one is the best and have the most attractive odds. At Octagon.bet we constantly monitor the market and present odds from the best and most interesting partners in the market.
We value fast payouts, attractive odds and smart ways of betting, both from desktop and mobile.
We have them sorted out for you on our site, always updated.

How to find the best betting sites?

What to think of when you choose your betting site? Of course you can have a favorite that you like best but our experience is to find 3-5 of them and switch depending on who has the best odds, or most attractive bonus.

To place a bet today is easy. No matter if you are experienced or just want to put a bet for the first time on a match. You know what to do and it is not advanced.

However you need to trust the betting site and know that they have fast payouts and an experienced customer service.

Bonus and promotions

You should absolutely value what kind of bonus the betting site is offering. From time to time you are offered bonuses and boosted odds. Check out our page about different bonuses and what opportunities you can have by choosing the right betting site.

Live odds on betting sites

All of our providers in the betting site area have live betting available. Betting live is an exciting event where you can bet on the next event that happens in the game. It is thrilling to watch the game and at the same time put bet on what you think will happen. Will the next corner go to team A or team B?

Betting sites have different solutions for this and also different performance. That is why we think you will have several betting sites depending on how you want to bet.

Presenting odds

It is a personal thing but also if you are used to seeing odds presented in a special way it is a value if that is present at the betting site. If you want indonesian odds or hong kong odds then you really want that functionality on the site.

Tax free earnings at betting sites

Are you playing from a regulated market or unregulated. Will your winnings be tax free or not? This is something people don´t think about but it can be smart to check where the betting site has it´s license. Depending on that you can find out about tax free earnings on your winnings.

Margins at betting sites

We just assume that you want the most profit out of your bet and then it is smart to evaluate who has the best margin. It can vary a lot depending on where you place your bet. Actually the margin can vary 100% related to the cost for the bet depending on where you place your bet. It is an easy calculation and it will also show you which one of your favorite betting sites has the lowest margin and is the best choice for you.

We hope you got some good tips from this guide and that you will find a betting site here that fulfill your needs and also fits into your personal pattern of what you expect. Happy betting and keep in mind that not betting over your ability, and never try to win back lost bets.

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