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Casino sites

The number of casino sites have mushroomed during the last decade. There are so many online casinos to choose from that it can be really hard to find the right one. We have listed our favorites and we hope you'll enjoy it. Play responsibly!

For ages, people have been playing for excitement and the opportunity to win money. This is still the case, but the opportunities to try out games at many different casinos and slot machines have literally exploded. Now there are all possible variations of slot games and themes so that you have the opportunity to find your favorite.
Here you get a guide on how it works and what to think about to get the most out of it when you play at the casino.

Table of Contents

  • Welcome bonus
  • Casino bonus
  • Live casino bonus
  • Free spins
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Turnover-free bonus
  • Wagering and terms

Welcome bonus

When you register at a casino as a player, it is common that you will be offered a welcome bonus. These are the casino’s ways to reward you and give you a good start on your casino adventure. It is usually that you get a bonus upon registration or a doubling of the amount you deposit at the casino when you register.
A welcome bonus is often a great start that can give you many extra spins and opportunities as you begin your casino adventure. We recommend that you take the welcome bonus but also read the [terms and conditions] that are available and what applies when you accept a welcome bonus.

Casino bonus

Sometimes there are bonuses that are specifically targeted for casino games with special slots or other promotions that target extra good bonuses for certain game types. Sometimes some game manufacturers may have promotions that allow you as a player to use these to have extra good conditions on their particular slots.

Live casino bonus

Live casino is an exciting section with many different games you can enjoy in live mode. There are often live casino bonuses that give you a specific bonus in the live casino department. Then you can try, for example, Black Jack, Roulette and Baccarat and more.

Free spins

Many casinos offer free spins as an added welcome bonus. When you register at a casino, you can get a large number of free spins to play for immediately after you create your account. These can be linked to a specific game provider or be completely free to use on any slots available in the offer.

Loyalty bonus

If you are a loyal player at a casino, you may receive a loyalty bonus. A bonus that the casino gives you for playing with them. The bonus ends up in your account and you can use it immediately.

Turnover-free bonus

A turnover-free bonus is among the best you can get. Here you can be sure that when you win on your bonus, you do not have to wager it a number of times to get your winnings. Bonuses in this form are available both as a deposit of money or in the form of free spins. When it comes to gamification casinos, you can also get non-trading coins, various values ​​such as treasures or other gaming related devices. When you get these as turnover-free bonuses, it is very good and it gives you an extra chance.

Wagering and terms

All bonuses have certain wagering and terms requirements. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions that come with the bonus or the free spins that you are offered. Sometimes the bonus can have a wagering requirement of 20 times and then you have to wager your winnings a number of times before you have the right to withdraw it from the casino. These conditions can also be fixed-term.

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