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We are really excited to present Octagon.bet to all MMA lovers out there who are looking for the latest fight news, odds and stats. We aim to be your new number one source for UFC betting.

The founders of Octagon.bet wants to welcome you all to our brand-new platform where you’ll find the latest UFC news, results and updates while also comparing fight odds and stats.

We’re starting off right away with everything you need ahead of Saturday’s UFC 264 where Conor McGregor takes on Dustin Poirier in a rubber match for the ages.

With MMA betting growing more popular worldwide, we want to help you make the necessary research with all the statistics that you’ll need while also giving you an oversight of the biggest bookmakers so that you can chose the best betting odds to maximize your profits.

MMA is fun as it is, but we all now that betting makes it that more exciting.

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